This estate on Pumpkin Cove was situated to take full advantage of its magnificent views on the open ocean. Starting with two properties allowed the owners to live in one house while we built the other. First, a dated 1960’s home was dismantled and materials donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Construction on the Main House ensued for the next twelve months and upon completion, the owners moved over from the house next door. With that home now empty, we began extensive renovations to the Guest House including the construction of the Garden Room connector.

Each room features many unique and custom details like cherry paneling and coffered ceiling.

A barrel vault ceilings opens up rooms. The windows are topped with a custom carved fan under the eyebrow dormer. Built-in bookcases, daybeds and stylish fireplaces make a warm and inviting feeling in rooms.

The spacious Garden Room joins the kitchens of the main cottage and guest house – creating a family hub. A spa and patio can be seen through the glass doors. The clerestory roof was framed with steel arches to withstand the occasional heavy ocean storms.

Built-in daybeds, carvings, seaside porches, a warm and sunny kitchen office and a customized stone spa are just a few of the many features that make this a truly spectacular home!

**Text Synopsis and Pictures from Knickerbocker Group, @ JMA, Inc.

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