This Project was conceptualized with Owners of an existing structure in Madison, WI on the corner of Lakeside Dr. and John Nolan Hwy.

Vandewalle & Kelly proposed to add an additional level to their Mixed-Use Office Condominium and hired an Architecture Firm to come up with a feasibility design to formalize the concept with the owners and to market the idea to lending institutions for funding.

As Lead Architect at Engberg Anderson, Inc. on this Project, AutoCAD feasibility package, Sketch-Up Models, In Design and Photoshop Rendered Images created a unique solution suiting their needs respectively.

On one side of the Entry Core to the Northwest, is a residence.  On the other side to the Southeast, is an Office.   Both plans had to fit programmatically within the footprint of the existing roofs, keeping the height of the building within code limits and allowing roof mounted mechanical equipment to remain in place, in service and shielded from view of the new layout.

Primary objective was to capture a Northerly view over Lake Monona to the skyline of Madison, Wisconsin.  Other objectives were to blend the new design with the existing building to create a seamless look while upgrading energy ratings of materials and systems to provide a more sustainable Project.

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