In 1999, two-thirds of the original under-slab heating system failed.

Mary Palmer decided that jack-hammering the beautiful floor was unthinkable, and probably impractical anyway.

Bruce Niethammer (General Contractor), heating specialist George Colone, and Taliesin-trained Ann Arbor architect Larry Brink, Architect in Training Daniel L. McPeak ( — with Mary Palmer closely involved every step of the way — designed and installed a completely new fin-tube hot-water system almost completely concealed in the below-sill cabinetwork and trim, and under the beds.

Involvement in the project replaced the heating system as we designed TFT in concealed locations without disturbing the plan, furniture layout or the aesthetics of the original design.   We were extremely limited in the response to rectify the problem due to the significance of this Usonian home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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