Detroiters Norman Silk and Dale Morgan. Messrs. Silk and Morgan, owners of BLOSSOMS, an upscale florist in Birmingham, Michigan, plan to restore this important residence to its former glory. Silk and Morgan have retained the architectural services of Lawrence R. Brink, a Taliesin Fellow and FLWBC Board member. Mr. Brink was assigned to the original building project while an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1950s.

Original elements such as Wright’s signature benches were refurnished, the Philippine mahogany paneling will be refinished and the interior concrete walls were stripped of the paint added by a former owner. The sixteen doors leading to the terrace and upper balcony, as well as the small vented windows, will be returned to the original robin’s egg blue paint color.

Other renovation projects through Lawrence R. Brink Associates included a new roof, installation of geo-thermal heating and air conditioning, and the rebuilding of Wright-designed cabinets that have long since been removed from the home. An extensive landscaping plan will be designed to take full advantage of the adjacent wooded lot and to help create a serene environment as the house is located along a busy road.

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