Private Client came to Murray Builders, Inc. purchased land, Architectural Services and General Contracting from Robert Murray.  This Plantation Style home was designed by Scott Koch and Daniel L. McPeak under the direction of Mr. Murray.   Attention to detailing, archetype and other suitable design decisions Murray Builders, Inc. was able to pull the concept together, design and deliver the final home.

The late 18th century brought about and increased interest in the classical movement as newly established towns throughout America took names such as Athens, Sparta, or Ithaca, reflecting this trend, as the popularity of this “Greek Revival” led to it being called the “National Style” during the mid 1800’s.

This garden, based upon strong “sacred geometric” undertones was made to complement the style of this Greek Revival home.

Carving into the forest, strong sight lines were created, which conclude at two obelisks, representing “the pillars of truth.”

The alleys that lead up to the obelisks were planted with hydrangea “glowing embers”, symbolizing passion.

Statues of mythological Greek gods and goddesses, situated as intermediate focal points, watch over the garden with a benevolent eye.

At the true center of the garden is a triple lotus fountain, representing the “well spring” as perfectly bisymmetrical gardens and paths accompany the primary axis of the composition.
This extravagant estate located outside of Ann Arbor, MI., is a perfect example of our approach to creating sanctuaries and lavish environments.

Photos & Text (In Part) by Historical Courtyards & Design


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