10/2017:  Once power and communications are restored, We will be helping rebuild St. John after Irma and Maria Category 5 hurricanes hit within 2 weeks of eachother.  My good friend and Island Architect will be directing this effort, Bill Willigerod, Architect

09/2017:  Pig Pen is open at the 101!   Looks great inside and has an awesome menu, try the Mac N Cheese Burger, The BurgerUS BANK, Phoenix

08/2017:  Through networking an opportunity arose at Seaver Franks Architects.  As Senior Project Architect in charge of the Custom Residential Design, I am off and running. Residential Division.

07/2017:  Finalizing three restaurant concepts at the 101 N. First Avenue, US BANK Building in Downtown Phoenix, obtained permits from the AFP Department for construction.  Projects are off and running.  Pig Pen will be completed in a few months’ time.   To follow is Central Bar and Toasted.

08/2016:  Full steam ahead.  Coming to Downtown Phoenix at the US BANK high rise, Pig Pen/Provisional Pizza, Central Bar with Hand Roll, Toasted and the highest bar in the Valley, Skybar in Society on the 31st Floor.

Joined Society as part of a professional collective to introduce boutique restaurants and mercantile projects.  Supporting local entrepreneurs in start-ups, branding, concepts and other projects.

Looking forward to completing  That’s Amore Cafe

Consulting on Projects in the US Virgin Islands.

08/2016:  Daniel L. McPeak, AIA NCARB leaves CP Drewett at Drewettworks to pursue professional opportunities.

02/2016:  Aesthetic Effect, LLC travels to the Virgin Islands to assess and make recommendations on a property owned by a family member.  Reconnected with William Willigerod, PC of St. John USVI.

01/2015:  Michigan Renovation project begins its transformation.  Full steam ahead with demolition in a two phased project.  General Contractor is keeping the project tight and tidy daily.  Clients and dogs are enjoying the process.  Demolition components not being reused in the project are being donated to Habitat.  Nothing will go to waste.

01/2015:  Daniel L. McPeak, AIA NCARB joins CP Drewett at Drewettworks to design and deliver high-end Luxury Residential Projects as well as Boutique Commercial.

12/2014:  The Firm is tasked to add Commercial component to the Plant Growing Farm for the Civano Shipley, LLC.  Goal is to assist in modernizing facilities and creating a new look for the ever expanding operations.

11/2014:  Daniel L. McPeak leaves Hanlon Engineering & Architecture, Inc. for a more suitable career in Architecture.

06/2014:  Aesthetic Effect, LLC accepts offer in Michigan to Design an addition to a Residence which Architecturally  sensitive approach is required to preserve original detailing and merging of new with old seamlessly.

04/2014 through 6/2014:  Construction commences and completes on HuHuGam Heritage Center, project through Hanlon Engineering & Architecture, Inc.

09/17/2013:  Aesthetic Effect, LLC recommends Architect William Willigerod, PC of St. John USVI.   As owner of William Willigerod, P.C., Bill Willigerod has overall management and design responsibility of the firm’s projects.  With over 43 years of experience in architecture, his design projects include a complete scope of residential, educational, commercial, medical, and religious buildings as well as retail facility design projects. Bill works directly and personally with each client to provide comprehensive services, including preparation of design documents, cost estimates, project development, and construction documents to insure their timely completion.

For more than 40 years Bill Willigerod has developed a reputation for creative, quality architecture that incorporates environmental stewardship. His clients are the reason he is in business and he strives to provide them with quality architectural services on a consistent basis. Clients become friends as Bill sees them through to making their visions a reality. Repeat clients will attest to the great care Bill takes to balance creativity and functional design to create a cost-effective, timely completion of beautiful buildings that are an asset for years to come.

William Willigerod is the best most responsive Architect on the Island of St, John, USVI.  What makes Willigerod valuable to prospective Clients is his years of island specific project experience and close relationships with the quality general contractors.  Both of these things paired gets the greatest project through efficient design and construction process with the least amount of surprises.  I recommend Bill because I have worked directly with him on many collaboration projects on villas of various scope and complexities and have seen a fair, knowledgeable, driven and smart professional at work for his Clientele 7 days a week and nearly 24 hours a day.  There is no other Architect or firm on St. John, Virgin island that I would recommend.

William Willigerod Website Link Click here

09/06/2013:  Aesthetic Effect, LLC gains Nevada Architect’s License

07/26/2013 Aesthetic Effect, LLC partners with Gridwerk Architects out of Chicago to develop a broader range of portfolio and studio collaboration on Projects across the country.  Gridwerk founder is Jim Wild, AIA.

04/19/2013:  Daniel L. McPeak, RA AIA NCARB Joins Hanlon Engineering & Architecture, Inc. as Principal Architect and becomes MSHA Certified.

04/16/2013:   Aesthetic Effect, LLC reopens office in Tucson, Arizona.

09/18/2012: Aesthetic effect, LLC opens office in Boston, Massachusetts.

09/12/2012:  Aesthetic Effect, LLC established in 2003 recently had its website and portfolio upgraded, became a group on Facebook, has a blog and a twitter site.

09/2012:  Aesthetic Effect, LLC moves office from Tucson to Boston.

We are hoping the new wave of social media will help find us new business as well meet our exposure requirements.

Daniel L. McPeak, RA is looking for good projects and people to add the firms’ legacy.

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