Restaurants & Destination Mercantile:  Expanding Union Markets concepts from California, to Arizona, Texas and other regional states will offer local restaurateurs and mercantile visionaries the ability to test their brand and to share in a collective marketing effort.


Restaurants & Destination Mercantile:  Collaborating in a team of talented individual local companies centralized around development, we are re-inventing urban core projects with boutique restaurant and mercantile experiences in Downtown Phoenix and out-lying metro locations in Mesa.  Within a like-minded entrepreneurial environment, we create and foster bonds through projects that benefit the community and our businesses.  As part of a catalyst for start-up businesses, the projects on-going assist in deploying concepts to the public.

Aesthetic Effect, LLC in the Caribbean:   Assisting local Virgin Island Architect William Willigerod in delivery of villas and re-purposing projects.

Aesthetic Effect, LLC:  Re-opens firms on a full-time basis to assist Clientele in project delivery and consultation.


Civano Nursery Corporate Center: Design of a complex containing a 5000 SF Corporate Headquarters / Merchant Operations as well as a Leasable 12,000 Stand Alone Business Center in Tucson.   Sustainable Materials and Green Energy Solutions sought.  Professional Training exercise in Design and Delivery for Intern Architects has been incorporated within the framework of this project.


Consultation/Coordination:  Project Coordination, taking over work of other professionals to coordinate consultant construction documentation for permitting.  Peer Reviews on complex projects will ensure a more streamlined construction process.


Garage & Boathouse: New construction in Sutton, MA takes existing architectural vernacular paired with new construction to add a functional Garage and Boathouse addition to an environmentally sensitive site as it sits along a riparian zone.

Tucson Renovation: Upgrading & Renovating an existing house to provide modern functionality and energy sustainable features.


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