AE Service & Scope

Aesthetic Effect, LLC Services

  • We believe at Aesthetic Effect, LLC that every Client with a large or small project deserves the same level of service regardless of budget or time constraints.
  • Daniel L. McPeak will be happy to sit down with, talk over the telephone or correspond via e-mail at no charge to determine if Aesthetic Effect, LLC is a fit for you and your project.
  • Since our inception circa 2003, we have completed over 100 projects in all fields of architecture with budgets as small as $1500 to as large as $200 million dollars, in-house and through consultation.
  • Our service package includes but not limited to Existing Condition Survey, Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bidding & Contractor Selection, and Construction Administration.
  • The Staff of Aesthetic Effect, LLC are trained to deliver the project on time and under budget, coordinate with Project Consultants, and troubleshoot construction issues should they arise.
  • Our process is documented with a paper trail to ensure quality control and milestones in decision making.
  • We are flexible in fee to help everyone realize their dreams.


Pre-Design Services

Existing Conditions Survey, gathering project data, performing due diligence, determining jurisdictional codes pertaining to scope of work, create contact lists to assist in development services as well as reaching out to consultants to ensure project success in meeting timelines.


Programming is the process of identifying and organizing essential information about the project, as it exists, and how it relates to the Project as described above.  This is performed under an hourly agreement.

Schematic Design

With the Client’s approval of the Program Statement, the Architect shall prepare a Schematic Design.  Schematic Design will include floor plans, building elevations and sections illustrating the intent of the project.

The Architect will provide meetings to present the Schematic Design solutions. The Client shall review the work and communicate revisions to the Architect.

The Schematic Design drawings shall be approved by the Client prior to proceeding to the next phase.  This is performed under an hourly agreement.

 Design Development Phase

With the Client’s approval of the Schematic Design, the Architect shall develop additional details to fix and describe the character of the Project. For example, interior spaces that require special design features, treatments and/or upgrades shall be incorporated into the Design Development drawings.  The Architect shall assist the Client in the selection of hardware, finish plumbing fixtures, tile, stone, decorative lighting and paint colors. The Design Development drawings shall be approved by the Client prior to proceeding to the next phase.  This is performed under an hourly agreement.

Construction Documents Phase

Based on the approved Schematic Design and Design Development drawings and any further adjustments in the scope and/or the budget for the Project, the Architect shall prepare Construction Documents consisting of drawings and specifications that will describe the scope of work and be suitable for filing with the Building Department and for construction by a qualified General Contractor.

Construction Documents shall include, but not be limited to:

Architectural Floor Plans delineate the existing construction, demolition, new construction, and the cross referencing of details and sections on subsequent drawings. Power and Data Plans show electrical receptacles, telephone, and cable and internet locations.  Finish plumbing fixture locations.

Reflected Ceiling Plans provide accurate placement of ceiling mounted lighting fixtures, with associated switching arrangements, and locations for required smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Building Elevations at each exterior facade to show new construction including notes indicating finishes, materials and any special conditions. Details, Sections, Schedules and Notes communicate, in detail, different aspects of the design relating to construction and/or code requirements. These details are essential in conveying the design concept to the General Contractor, the subcontractors and to the Building Department.

Engineering Note: The Architect’s Scope of Services does not include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, structural, ladscape or civil engineering.  These services are to be contracted through the Owner under separate provision from the agreement between Architect and Owner.

The Construction Documents shall be approved by the Client prior to proceeding to the next phase.  This is performed Lump Sum under an per Square Foot value based upon construction type and complexity.

Bidding and Selection of Contractors

The Architect shall assist the Client in assembling, distributing and evaluating the bid package which will include:

  • Preparing and distributing the Construction Documents to each Bidder selected by the Client
  • Coordinate and attend a pre-bid meeting with the Bidders (as required)
  • Address Bidder’s questions and concerns (as required)
  • Assist the Client with the evaluation of the bids
  • Assist the Client with the awarding of the contract

Construction Administration Phase

Based on the signed contract between the Client and General Contractor, the Architect shall provide the following services during construction.

The Architect shall attend Project coordination meetings with the Client and the General Contractor as reasonably required to assist in expediting the Project and to provide clarification of construction documents. The Architect shall visit the Project site at regular intervals (limited to 26 visits) as appropriate to monitor the progress of the work and determine whether the work is in accordance with PROPOSAL the Construction Documents. The Architect shall recommend the rejection of any work that is not in accordance with the Construction Documents.

The Architect shall review and certify the Contractors’ request for payment.

The Architect shall review and take appropriate action in a timely manner on all subcontractors’ submittals such as shop drawings, product data and/or samples. The Architect shall prepare supplemental and clarification drawings, as required. At substantial completion, the Architect shall prepare a “punch list” of work to be corrected and review the corrective work to completion.

The Architect shall review the status of construction to determine the dates of substantial completion and final completion, and shall receive and forward to the Client written warranties and related documents assembled by the General Contractor and subcontractors.


Compensation for Pre-Design Services-

Compensation for Pre-Design Services as described above shall be set at the hourly rates, as defined in the Standard Terms and Conditions.

Compensation for Architectural Services Schematic Design-

Compensation for Architectural Services during the Schematic Design Phase as described above shall be billed per current fiscal year rates for the Staffing chart as indicated below.

The Architect’s Staffing breakdown will be as follows:

  • Principal / Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Project Staff / Draftsperson
  • Clerical Staff

Construction Documentation through Construction Administration

Compensation for Architectural Services during the Construction Documentation through Construction Administration phases described above shall be based on XXX percent (XX%) of the Construction Cost (not Project Cost), as defined in the attached Standard Terms and Conditions. The total basic compensation shall be divided by phase as described below:

  • Design Development & Schematic Design Phase: Hourly or  approximately 30% (thirty percent)
  • Construction Documents Phase: Lump Sum (Per Square foot basis) or Hourly to be approximately 40% (forty percent)
  • Bidding and Selection of GC: Hourly or  approximately 10% (ten percent)
  • Construction Administration Phase: Hourly or  approximately 20% (twenty percent)
  • Total Basic Compensation: 100% (one hundred percent)

Initial Payment

An initial payment retainer of XXX dollars ($0,000) shall be paid to the Architect prior to commencement of the Scope of Services and shall be credited toward the Client’s final payment.


The aforementioned Project Description, Scope of Services, Compensation and the attached Standard Terms and Conditions for Architectural Services are hereby accepted as the Agreement between Client and Architect. The Architect is authorized to proceed as specified. Payments will be made as indicated above

Additional Services – Typical but not inclusive

  • Record Drawings
  • Electrical
  • Cabinetry
  • Project Management
  • 3D Imagery